Andy Sommer
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Andy Sommer

Managing Broker

Andy Sommer is the Manager at Coldwell Banker's Denver West office located in beautiful Lakewood, Colorado. Our office is made up of associates of different levels, from the 30 year veteran with a huge amount of business to the brand new licensee just starting out. The company supports the agents with tools, education, technology and protection while Andy commits his time and energy to help support the real estate careers of the Denver West Agents. Give him a call at 303.437.1430.

Why are many of the top agents choosing to work out of the Coldwell Banker Denver West office?

"Because the marketing and personal branding helps me create more business."
~LaDawn Sperling

"Because of my managing broker, Andy. He's non-competing and he's actually there for me 24-7. I mean seven days a week, any hour I call him, he's there for me."
~Shannon Byerly

"Because of the exceptional training that allows us to take our business to the next level."
~Tony Limpede

"Because it provides a professional environment that I can feel confident bringing my clients to."
~Jason Putnik

"Because of the tremendous support we receive from the wonderful staff at the Denver West office."
~Maura Putnik

"Because I work closely with the other agents in our office, we prospect together, we share ideas and we look out for each other."
~Anastasia Bates

"Because of the weekly in-office classes and Andy always has an answer to, literally, every qusetion."
~Samantha Wagner

"Because nowhere else have I been treated in a more welcoming and friendly manner than I have been here."
~Ryan Raymond


"During the years I have worked with Andy, I have had the opportunity to observe his interpersonal style- he is a pleasant individual who believes in positive motivation. He is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. "

  -Elena Keil, Colleague

"Andy is top notch in everything he does. Tremendous contract knowledge that he is able to teach with precision. He is a non-conmpeting Manger who has created a welcoming environment for agents of all abilities. Andy exemplifies the CB culture of awesomeness and we have an office full of the very best agents in the business because of it. "

  -Sarah Scott-Wilson, Colleague

"Andy is my go to guy! Let me list the reasons why: 1. He will pick up the phone when I call - no matter the day or time, he is there for me! 2. He knows the answer or on the very rare occassion when that is not the case, he knows where to get the answer. 3. He strives to make me a better agent every day. The training and support provided are top notch. 4. The environment in this office is colabrative, not combative. There is no other place I'd rather be. "

  -Stephanie Freadhoff, Colleague

"Because Andy, along with our staff, really are there for us supporting the agents on a daily basis! The up to date information, five star marketing, elevated education, all of the resources, the list goes on. Andy and his team do it with such professionalism. "

  -Lisa Keener, Colleague

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